Clambake Episode 30 – Habab-ba-ball Ah-bab-bab

More info on the game Destiny that we may or may not have mentioned before. CD of the week. Sean receives some new CDs in by mail–as in the post office delivered a physical item to his home. The latest headlines. Beers from Founders, Cigar City and Young’s. A must see movie for fans of ogling Scarlett Johansson’s body. Gonz’s likes to drink.

The Clambake drinking game!

Hey kids, in addition to following along with your Untapppd mobile app while we drink on the show, now you can get hammered just like us too! Play the Clambake drinking game while you listen to the show and have a knee slappn’ good time! Thanks to fan Dan C. for coming up with this.

Take a drink when…
1) Sean says something sucks.
2) Sean or Gonz’s accents are heard.
(we have accents?)
3) Any news from Florida is said.
(double if the story has to do with nudity, peni, or vages)
4) A beer is opened.
5) Sean complains about anything.
(double if Sean likes anything-rare occurance)
6) You hear Gonz say “I’m not gonna lie”
(his catchphrase)

The Church - Starfish

Episode 26 Has It…

Episode 26 will give you the fix you need! Our producer stops by for a chat. Brief World Cup status report. CD of the week, the latest headlines, beers from Breckenridge, Laughing Dog, and Weyerbacher. It’s all here for your enjoyment.